E Tu Slegalo Subito | The right and opportunity to have a whole life
E Tu Slegalo Subito | Campagna nazionale per l’abolizione della contenzione promossa dal Forum Salute Mentale
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The right and opportunity to have a whole life

Franca & Franco Basaglia International School – The practice of Freedom

Trieste, 15-18 November 2017


November 15th

09.00 -16.00 Study visits:
• The System of Community services of Mental Health – Study visit to some key services
• Social cooperatives: entrepreneurship for inclusion – Workshop and meetings with local A type and B type Social Cooperatives: mission, organization and development perspectives
• Association activities between participation and active citizenship – Meetings with local Associations: best practices presentation
• The “microarea project” between community based welfare and social innovation – Presentation and study visit among some different headquarters of the “Microarea Project”

16.30 – 19.30 Opening Sessions
Welcome by Authorities
The WHO work on social determinants of mental health, Dan Chisholm
CRPD, human development and social rights, Giampiero Griffo
30 Years of WHO CC Trieste, Franco Rotelli, Roberto Mezzina, Michele Zanetti, Enrico Materia, José Miguel Caldas De Almeida, Rossana Seabra Sade, Fernanda Nicacio, Stefano Fantoni, Vladimir Jovic, Allen Frances, Alberto Trimboli, John Jenkins.

November 16th

Plenary Session – THE POSITIVE SIDE
09.00 – 11.00 Empowerment
Chair: Wilfred Kainz
• Introduction: a new strategy of change for mental healthcare? For a possible convergence of advocacy and practice, Roberto Mezzina
• Supported decision making and negotiation: the issue of capacity and power, Alberto Vasquez
• European research: the findings, WHOCC Lille, discussant: Katerina Nomidou
• The discovery of the Whole Life, John Jenkins, discussant: Silva Bon
Coffee break
11.30 -13.00 Recovery and Rights
Chair: Angelo Barbato
• Subjective rights and collective movements, Andrea Zhok
• The relationship between citizenship, recovery and social inclusion, Davar Barghavi, Dan Taylor
Conclusions: The Universality of Rights, Luigi Manconi

Lunch break

14.00 – 17.30 Parallel Session #1 – working group
Chair: Dan Chisholm
Right based and person-centered services: providing mental healthcare in living environments – the best experiences (in collaboration with IMHCN and EuComs), Juan Josè Jambrina, Padraig O’Beirne, Pina Ridente, Giuseppe Salamina, Alberto Salmoiraghi, Christien Muusse, Simon Vasseur Bacle .

14.00 – 17.30 Parallel Session #2 – working group
Chair: John Jenkins
The Practice of Rights and the Whole Life / Interventions addressing social determinants, Wilfred Kainz, Angelo Righetti, Morena Furlan, Ranieri Zuttion, Lucilla Frattura, Eurompleo Group, Michele Sipala

14.00 – 17.30 Masterclasses and workshops:
Gender and culturally diverse Services, Raghu Raghavan, Eman Sorour, Gruppo di Genere Trieste
Recovery college and the assembly model, Raffaella Pocobello, Centro Marco Cavallo Latiano, Martijn Kole

Community Resilience and Social Inclusion:
The inclusion of vulnerable groups: migrants, health and welfare Community System, Luigi Manconi, Mario Reali, Ugo Poli, Gianfranco Schiavone, Vladimir Jovic, Theodoros Megaloeconomou, Vito Flaker, Massimo Magnano

Self determination and self management:
Hearing voices network, Cristina Contini, Izabel Marin, Roberta Casadio
Discovery partners and Recovery Houses, John Jenkins, Paul Baker, Recovery House group Trieste

Human Rights:
The WHO Quality Rights Programme, Claudia Battiston, Daniela Speh, Katerina Nomidou, Davar Barghavi, Silvana Hvalic
November 17th

09.00 – 11.00 Which rights or whose rights ?
Chair: Fabrizio Starace
Epidemiology of Rights, Gianni Tognoni
Effects of biomedical paradigm and the issue of medications, David Healy, Allen Frances, discussant: Tullio Giraldi
The pitfalls of deinstitutionalization: a new right in Italy after the closure of forensic hospitals?, Franco Corleone, discussant: Stefano Cecconi
Coffee break

11.30-13.00 Global Mental Health and social rights
Chair: Renzo Bonn
Global mental health and community development, Sashi Sashidharan, Davar Bhargavi
Community engagement: the caring cities, Chris Underhill, Franco Rotelli, discussant: Jonathan Sherin

Lunch break

14.00 – 17.30

Parallel Session #3 – working group
Chair: Ricardo Guinea
De-institutionalization and reforms in Europe: Belgium, Holland, Spain, Hungary, Czech R., Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia, Switzerland, Greece (Patrick Janssen, Jan Berdsen, Josè Leal, Robert Kristof; Regina Bisikiewicz, Nebojsa Baba, Vladimir Jovic, Dragan Cabarkapa, Jan Pfeiffer, Vito Flaker, Novella Comuzzi, Katerina Nomidou, Theodoros Megaloeconomou, Thomas Emmenegger)

Parallel Session #4 – working group
Chair: Giovanna Del Giudice
Latin America without asylums: rights, dignity, and community: 26 years after the Caracas Declaration: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc (Rossana Seabra Sade, Fernanda Nicacio, Patricia Pauluc, Celeste Romero, Alberto Vazquez, Mario Colucci)

14.00 – 17.30 Masterclasses and workshops:
Open Dialogue / Crisis Teams, Pina Ridente, Giuseppe Salamina, Serena Goljevscek, Sashi Sashidharan
Recovery and Peer-operated Services, Raffaella Pocobello, Izabel Marin, Martijn Kole, Roberta Casadio, Peer group Trieste
Community Resilience and Social Inclusion:
Community health systems / Microareas – Trieste / Involving cities in mental health promotion and anti-stigma campaigning, Jonathan Sherin, Barcelona representative, Fabrizio Starace, Ofelia Altomare, Sari Massiotta, Barbara D’Avanzo, Peppe Pillo
Self determination and self management:
Addressing home, work, social relationships through personal planning / Action learning Sets, John Jenkins, Paul Baker
Human Rights:
CRPD compliant Services, Davar Barghavi, Alexander Cote
No restraint practices / Alternatives to coercion, Thomas Emmenegger, Maila Mislej, Luigi Marrazzo, Abdul Kadir

17.45 – Il Coordinamento REMS incontra StopOpg (in italiano)
Chair: Franco Corleone
Stefano Cecconi, Giovanna Del Giudice, Coordinamento nazionale Rems
November 18th

Plenary Session – THE LEGAL ACTION
09.00 – 11.00 For a renewed legislation: no more mental health laws?
Chair: Peppe Dell’Acqua
Bioethics and rights, Grazia Zuffa
Coercion and involuntary treatment, Gabriele Rocca, Alex Cote
Equal recognition in front of the law: promoting legal capacity, Daniele Piccione, discussant: Sashi Sashidharan
Coffee break
The right to health: Katerina Nomidou,Teresa Di Fiandra
The UN Special Rapporteur, Dainus Puras
Conclusions from the groups (Latin America, Europe, Home based care, Social determinants)

13.00 – 13.30
DECLARATION AND CONCLUSION: toward a rights-based care
Roberto Mezzina, John Jenkins, Joljn Santegoeds, Davar Bhargavi
For all information, updates and registration:

Simultaneous translation will be available in Plenary Sessions and Parallel Sessions #1 and #3

November 14th
LOS ANGELES delegation in Trieste: urban mental Health

November 15th
18.30 IMHCN Annual General Meeting

November 16th (see specific agenda in progress)
17.30 Focus on: Social/work inclusion in the current crisis scenario. Tools, Practices and Perspectives

November 16th
18.30 Presentazione del libro “Non sono razzista, ma … “, di Luigi Manconi, Federica Resta, Feltrinelli 2017
20.30 Proiezione del film “Nebbie in agosto”, regia di Kai Wessel. Presentazione a cura di Michael von Cranach

CRPD Compliant Services: Working Group
Coordinated by Alexandre Cote
November 19th:14.30-18
November 20th: 9-18